Survey of the New Testament – Part 3 (End-Time Events)

Posted byEnglish Editor February 25, 2018 Comments:0

Note: This is Part 6 of the series titled “Survey of the Bible.” (Click here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Part 5)

One of the challenges many bible students encounter is in getting a basic grasp of the overall flow of the Bible. This series of posts is designed to help address this challenge. Each of these posts has a link to a corresponding SERMON as well as the SLIDES used while this sermon was preached. (It might help to open the slides file while listening to the sermon).

Finally, for those interested in testing their knowledge of the contents of the message, a simple QUIZ is also attached.

The overall goal of this entire series is two-fold:

1. Help one see the overall structure and flow of the entire Bible, which will help in reading/understanding the Bible better.

2. Be transformed as a result of a clearer understanding of the Bible.


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