Faithful Praying – 10 Helpful Suggestions

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Prayer is an integral part of the transformed life. No wonder, Paul in describing the transformed life in Romans 12 calls believers to be “faithful in prayer” [Romans 12:12c]. It’s a call for a life that is to be intently engaged in prayer. And this call should not be surprising to us because if the ultimate goal of our transformation is to become fully like Jesus, then we should be marked by prayer as Jesus himself was marked by prayer.

Below are 10 (hopefully) helpful suggestions to help us pursue a faithful and fruitful prayer life.

1. Get A Quiet Place

2. Set Specific Times

3. Use The Bible When Praying

4. Pray With Humility

5. Pray With Honesty

6. Be Specific In Your Requests

7. Remove Distractions

8. Pray With Others

9. Pray For Others

10. Pray Not Only To Seek God’s Hand, But Mainly His Face

For more details on these 10 reminders, see this post:


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