Sinful Anger – The Havoc It Creates

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Anger is such a prevalent sin that even Christians are affected by it on a constant basis. Relationships within the family and within the church are affected tremendously as a result of uncontrolled anger. In fact, anger was behind the very first murder in the Bible—Cain murdering his brother Abel! Find out more about anger through a series of posts titled “Sinful Anger – The Havoc It Creates.” In this series, a variety of questions related to anger are asked and answered, including how to be delivered from sinful anger. 

Part 1 – Alarming truths about anger

Part 2 – What is anger?

Part 3 – What is the source of sinful anger?

Part 4 – Who are the objects of sinful anger?

Part 5 – What are the common expressions through which sinful anger is demonstrated?

Part 6. What are the destructive consequences of sinful anger?

Part 7. How can we be delivered from sinful anger?


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