How To Get Right With God

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Suppose you live to be 75 and your adult life started at 15. You would have lived as an adult for 60 years. Let’s assume you committed 1 sin per day for those 60 years; the total number of sins you committed would be approximately 21,900. If 5 sins per day, the total would be 109,500. If 10 sins per day, the total would be a staggering 219,000!

According to the Bible, even a wicked thought is a sin [Matthew 5:28]. Sin is not just doing wrong things [1 John 3:4]. But sin is also a failure to do the right things at all times [James 4:17]. Also, anything done without faith is a sin [Romans 14:23].

In light of this knowledge, the total number of sins committed per day by any human being would be much higher than 10! Even if you were to live a sinless life from this day on [which is impossible], you still have to give an account of the sins you have already committed.

So, how can you get right with God? Only by understanding and submitting to the truths described below:

A holy God created us to honor and worship him.1 However, we have chosen to sin against this holy God rather than serve him. 2 Sin is not only the bad things we have done but also includes the good things we have failed to do. In fact, the Bible also says anything we do that does not come from faith is also a sin! 3

And the penalty for sin is death in hell forever. 4 No amount of good works can offset the sins we have committed. 5 So, God, in his love, sent his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as our substitute to earth. 6 He lived a perfect life on our behalf and died in our place on the cross for the sins we committed, and God raised him on the third day to show that he accepted his perfect sacrifice for our sins. 7 

And by repenting from our sinful ways and trusting in Jesus alone for the forgiveness of sins, we can be made right with God. 8 Thus, we experience a new birth that is spiritual in nature and become a child of God. 9 If you have never done it, will you from your heart cry out to God to save you today? 10

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