2 Simple Tools To Help Your Bible Study

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A previous post outlined a simple plan to read through the various books of the Bible in about a year by spending 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. In addition to this reading plan, for those who are interested in going a little deeper, here is what could be accomplished by spending an extra 20 minutes every day or every other day. This time is to be spent on studying a chapter or a passage within a chapter.

In order to aid the chapter or passage study process, 2 simple tools are presented. The first one is very basic while the second one is a little more in detail.

Note: When it comes to picking a passage, one needs to make sure the unit of thought is kept intact. For example, most modern translations break up a book of the Bible not only into chapters, but also into individual paragraphs that maintain a particular unit of thought. At times these units may also have a heading to help the reader understand that it is a particular unit.

(Note: Chapters, paragraphs and subtitles are not inspired. However, more often than not, they can be of help in studying the Bible.)

Tool 1. Basic Study Worksheet

Chapter or Passage:

Main points of Chapter or Passage:

Truths to Apply:

Click Basic Study Worksheet – Blank Master for the blank Basic Study Worksheet. Click Basic Study Worksheet – Sample for a completed sample to help understand how to use this tool.

Tool 2. Deeper Study Worksheet

Here are 6 questions that one could ask to better understand a passage.

1. What is this passage mainly about?

2. Are there any key words? If so, what do they mean? (Look for repeated words and phrases as well).

3. Are there commands to obey? (Include sins to forsake as well)

4. Are there promises to claim?

5. Is there anything I don’t understand?

6. What change(s) do I need to make in my life as a result of studying this passage?

Click Deeper Study Worksheet – Blank Master for the blank Deeper Study Worksheet.

Click Deeper Study Worksheet – Sample for a completed sample with a few examples to help understand how to use this tool.

Hope these tools help further your understanding of the Bible. To Christ be the glory!


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