Attributes of God

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One of the characteristics of a life that is honoring and pleasing to the Lord is a life that is continually “growing in the knowledge of God” [Col 1:10]. And since God is knowable only through his attributes, we can grow in the knowledge of God only if we study his various attributes as revealed to us in the Bible.

It’s been said, “A man’s own character will necessarily be determined by the character of the god whom he worships.” This is true. A person’s entire life is affected by whom they worship. And in order to rightly worship the God of the Bible, we must have a right understanding of his attributes.

Below is a listing of posts that are designed to help one to better understand God’s attributes.

1. Why Study the Attributes of God
2. The Holiness of God
3. The Power of God
4. The Presence of God
5. The Knowledge of God
6. The Fatherhood of God
7. The Love of God
8. The Wisdom of God
9. The Wrath of God
10. The Faithfulness of God
11. The Sovereignty of God
12. The Patience of God





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